New Patients

What can I expect when I visit a naturopathic doctor?

Naturopathic medicine is about becoming an active participant in your own health. Before the first visit you will be required to fill out a comprehensive intake form, available to download below. During your first visit you will be asked further questions in order to help the ND fully understand all of the factors influencing your life. In addition, relevant lab tests may be performed to help formulate the treatment plan.

The first visit lasts 75-90 minutes. The fee for the initial visit also includes approximately 2-3 hours of research after the visit by the naturopathic doctor to formulate your individual treatment protocol.

The second visit includes the physical exam, which lasts approximately one hour.

Subsequent visits last about 30 minutes.

The number and frequency of visits will depend on how long you have had a condition and its severity.

Intake Forms

Download child intake form: (Microsoft Word) or (PDF)

Download adult intake form: (Microsoft Word) or (PDF)

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